Indoni Culture School

Since the launch of the programme, we have had asuccessful implementation, with over 19 800 young people benefitting from and attending the various events hosted by Indoni between 2012 and 2019. In addition, over 2,500 direct and indirect job opportunities have been 
created across South Africa.

Indoni National Arts and Culture  Skills Development Schools are attended by young people between the ages of 12-25 years throughout South Africa during public school holidays. We have 12 culture camps in 9 provinces; Ndebele, Swati, Zulu, Pedi, Tshonga, Venda, Khoisan, Sotho, Mpondo, Xhosa, Thembu and Tshwana. 
Programme Benefit  A total of 459 short term job opportunities are created during the running of the cultural schools. 2,400 young people from 12 cultural groups across all nine provinces trained each year based on programme objectives. 65 facilitators trained as trainers and engaged to facilitate the cultural schools. Young people who have gone through the culture school conduct peer education within their communities and schools.

Our Pledge

I am Indoni!
I am an African
Rooted and nurtured in African soil
I promise to be honest and loyal to my Nation
I will always raise and propagate(spread) my national pride
I will promote, preserve and conserve my culture, my heritage.
I will humble myself and
I will respect other people's cultures.
I promise to stand firm against any demonization of my
Africaness and my people
I will value and respect the young and the old members of my Nation
As Indoni ,I will be faithful to myself and to my people.
With all my ability I will transfer my
knowledge to others. With help from God,
I will keep my promise
And always promote Indoni's slogan:
My Heritage My Pride!!!!

Our Official Partners

Undoni SA is supported by the National and the KwaZulu-Natal Departments of Arts and Culture

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Tel: 031 765 6318
Fax: 086 591 9000

Address: 20 Old Main Road,
B7 Heritage House, Hillcrest

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