Who We Are

Indoni My Heritage My Pride is a moral regeneration programme targeting the youth by using identity focused programmes as a tool for addressing social ills and bringing about behavioural change. 

Indoni SA was formulated by Dr Nomcebo Mthembu, a medical doctor, as a direct response to various social ills faced by young people on a day to day basis including crime, lack of respect, lack of bankable skills to allow people entrance to sustainable jobs, HIV and AIDS prevalence among young people and the impact thereof on their lives, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and teen pregnancies.

Dr Mthembu embarked on intense research which led to the formulation of a framework of topics aimed  at addressing social ills faced by young people by targeting behaviour. The programme was officially launched in June 2011. Over the last 8 years, in excess of 19200 young people from across the country have directly benefited from the programme, with over 2500 direct and indirect jobs 

created annually. Dr Mthembu is assisted by other board members, management, staff and volunteers from across the country with various skills in NGO management, arts, culture, heritage, education, skills development, life and business skills.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every Africa living in harmony, liberty, peace and equality, without the descrimination of skin color, language and tribal differences.

Our Mission

We exist to re-incarnate passion for African legacies, and social cohesion. Our mission is to infuence the world to African abilities and trends across all Global communities and cultures.

Our Promise

We promise to develop the total person: spirit, mind and body, through character development programmes that build strong youth, families, and communities, and
empowering communities to achieve high credence of our heritage.

Our Objectives

We promote the intercultural awareness and understanding of African cultures and beliefs.

We promote the diversity of African arts, language, economy and leadership.

Need Statement

With about 43% of society aged 15 to 39 years, young men and women comprise a substantial part of our society. They are therefore significantly affected by various socio-economic ills which affects our society. These include teen pregnancies, maternal deaths with about 1 in 5 young women affected, alcohol and drug abuse with about 40% of people treated at rehabilitation centres comprising young people with grade 8 to grade 10, majority of unemployed among young people and a large number of illiterate young people. There is also a high HIV prevalence and incidence rates among the youth population. In South Africa there is extensive awareness around HIV-AIDS, yet this awareness does not seem to translate into knowledge which enables safer sexual behaviour. Major obstacles to youth survival in our country include amongst others, HIV-AIDS, Education/low literacy levels, high school dropout rates, high incidences of teen pregnancies, crime and unemployment. About 75% of unemployed are young people who have no bankable skills that can lend them job opportunities. Furthermore, a high rate of young people under 15 involved in various crimes and there is a high level of drug and alcohol abuse among young people leading to serial offences.

Our Official Partners

Indoni SA is supported by the National and the KwaZulu-Natal Departments of Arts and Culture

Contact Us

Tel: 031 765 6318
Fax: 086 591 9000
Email: info@indoni.co.za

Address: 20 Old Main Road,
B7 Heritage House, Hillcrest

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