Chairperson's Note

We are so grateful to be a part of post-apartheid democratic South Africa that is, despite many challenges but diligently moving forward in embracing and celebrating our cultural diversity. We are also grateful to our funders and all stakeholders who make this programme a reality. Since the inception of our Organisation in 2011 we have had  the most distinguished years of success together with our Partners

Dr Nomcebo Mthembu

Chairperson and Founder of Indoni SA

Indoni SA has been part of an instrumental apparatus that contributes in reclaiming, restoring  and promoting our culture and heritage, which previously were under attack and denigration by colonialism and apartheid. These attacks were accompanied by negative stereotypes attached to every culture which led to hostility amongst us as Africans. Some cultures were deemed to be better than others in order to create division that caused difficulty in uniting our people. These stereotypes perpetuated a situation where some of us were used to undermine our fellow brothers and sisters. However, Indoni SA is at work with young people to inculcate positive recognition of our different cultures. 
In the past five years Indoni has made an enormous contribution in our society, with the culture school part of our programme being the most impactful in our society. The holistic approach of Indoni Culture School Programme is fighting social ills and implanting a culture of self-reliance and good morals. 2019 has been one of the successful years of Indoni since its inception. We thank our chief funder (National Dept. of Arts and Culture), provincial departments in different provinces, different private donors and media partners. However, we still invite other government departments, business men and women and corporates to assist us especially in Educational programme which precede the annual Indoni Miss Cultural South Africa, Indoni Culture Schools nationally. We also appeal to individuals to assist in exit employment programmes as well as education bursaries for our students. 

I would like to relay my deepest gratitude to all members of society of seeing the value of  Indoni’s contribution in our society. To our Acting CEO and Founder of this organization, the Acting COO, staff of Indoni SA and volunteers, the next generation will thank you for your selfless dedication in saving the “Pride of the Nation ‘’ which is our culture and heritage. 

God of Africa blesses you!

Our Official Partners

Indoni SA is supported by the National and the KwaZulu-Natal Departments of Arts and Culture

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